There are many kinds of water tanks which are used in buildings and worksites, and unfortunately these tanks aren’t always issue free. If you’ve recently noticed any new stains, leaks, or patches of corrosion, then it’s possible that you have a problem which, if left alone, will deteriorate further, potentially leading to contamination, water damage, and further complications and disruptions to your business.

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Every organisation, whether it's in manufacturing, education, residential, healthcare or in the hospitality sector, needs to take the quality of their water seriously. In the UK, we are used to having high-quality drinking water supplied to our homes and workplaces, and although there may be no indication of contamination, regular testing of your supply water should be taken into consideration.

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Legionella is often associated with air conditioning units, but in reality there is a risk of the bacteria becoming prevalent wherever there’s standing water and the optimum conditions. With the risk of the deadly Legionnaires’ disease in every outbreak, it’s essential that all buildings undergo thorough risk assessment to ensure the safety of employees and members of the public are maximised.

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