Every organisation, whether it's in manufacturing, education, residential, healthcare or in the hospitality sector, needs to take the quality of their water seriously. In the UK, we are used to having high-quality drinking water supplied to our homes and workplaces, and although there may be no indication of contamination, regular testing of your supply water should be taken into consideration.

Many factors can support the growth of bacteria in commercial and domestic properties, for example, a lack of regular cleaning and maintenance that can lead to the formation of deposits of rust, organic matter, biofilms and water stored at elevated temperatures that will also encourage favourable conditions for bacteria to proliferate, increasing the risk of legionnaires disease. 

It’s the law

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) could not be clearer in their guidance in managing the risk associated with legionella.

If you are an employer or a person that has significant control of a building such as landlords, then you are responsible for the health and safety of others who may be affected by your undertaking and therefore need to take appropriate measures to minimise the risk of exposure of legionella.

To protect your staff, customers and visitors and ensure compliance with your regulatory obligations, it is advised that regular water analysis testing is carried out as part of an effective water management programme.

It could not be easier to have your water tested

The process of sampling and transporting water to a laboratory for microbiological analysis can be undertaken by our engineers who are suitably trained in the appropriate methods, including the use of aseptic techniques to avoid contamination.

Ashford FM has a proven track record of providing fast & reliable UKAS accredited laboratory services throughout the UK.  Upon receipt of the test certificates all results are thoroughly inspected and submitted to the customer within a full written report. Should there be evidence of contamination, then our industry-leading experts are readily available to offer you advice and recommendations for any remedial actions.

For more information on water sampling or any other water hygiene services you may require, please contact us.