Water Quality Testing & Analysis

water quality testing and analysisWater quality analysis typically involves testing for the presence of certain bacteria and the levels of contaminants that can affect the general health of both process and drinking water systems.

Incorporating the latest technology our UKAS accredited laboratory service allows Ashford FM to process a comprehensive range of chemical and microbiological tests both efficiently and effectively whilst offering our customers the vital support and analytical expertise when required.

What is the purpose of water analysis?

The objective of process and drinking water analysis is to assess the current condition of the system and the water contained within it.

Our UKAS-accredited laboratory service provides advanced, high-quality techniques to identify and quantify the chemical, physical, and microbiological characteristics of water for various industrial and commercial applications.

From testing and analysis we can verify the efficacy of the current maintenance regime, the quality of the water, and any evidence of microbial activity in potable, process surface and recreational water.

Our team of leading experts are committed in providing both accurate and precise information with a strong emphasis on providing a fast turnaround of results with a level of quality that our customers demand.

Water quality testing applications

The microbiological and chemical method of analysing water is used to evaluate whether current water quality conforms to industry standards, regulation and guidance.

Microbiological sampling and analysis of potable water can also confirm that water hygiene controls remain effective and the system is free of potentially harmful bacteria such as pseudomonas, legionella and E.Coli.

Chemical sampling and analysis is used to determine the general condition of the water and where applicable quantify the active water treatment chemicals present in the system.

For drinking water applications in commercial and industrial settings, regular sampling and analysis is recommended to help confirm that water hygiene controls remain effective. The same applies to non-drinking water quality testing at swimming pools, health spas, in healthcare settings, outdoor recreation areas, and more.

Additional applications, such as the maintenance of evaporative cooling systems requires regular sampling to control the risk of legionella bacteria and to also meet the relevant health and safety legislation and guidelines.

Closed Heating & Cooling Systems

It is essential that both chemical and microbiological parameters in closed heating and cooling systems are monitored regularly if corrosion, scale, sedimentation and biofouling are to be avoided.

Poor water quality can result in energy wastage, reduced performance and early replacement of plant and equipment due to damage and corrosion. Inappropriate or non-existent monitoring can have disastrous consequences.


The practice of water analysis testing is recommended to ensure the safe and continued operation of building services in commercial and industrial settings.

Designed to undertake preventive maintenance our water analytical services are ideally suited to meet the needs of all our customers.

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