Hevasure Aquila - Full spectrum monitoring system for corrosion damage and prevention

hevasure aquilaThe Hevasure Aquila © full spectrum monitoring system protects closed water-based heating and CHW systems from corrosion damage by continuously & remotely monitoring the conditions that cause corrosion. The early detection of conditions in a system means that maintenance activities can be scheduled before any significant damage occurs to the system.

Real-time monitoring is applicable throughout the life of a system, where important key data is obtained on all parameters that influence corrosion as well as corrosion itself. Hevasure can act as an ‘independent ‘eyes and ears’ on commissioning and operation, ensuring that all changes are recorded and no adverse activity is missed. Cloud-based data storage together with a sophisticated dashboard and reporting tool, prevents disputes and helps ensure smooth hand-over at Practical Completion.

The fully integrated monitoring station is simple to install requiring only mains power and connection into the flow and return pipework. It can be fitted to new systems or retrofitted to existing ones.

What we monitor

  • Dissolved Oxygen
  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Conductivity (converted to inhibitor dosing level)
  • pH
  • Water make-up volumes
  • Galvanic currents (converted to general corrosion rate of steel)
  • Crevice corrosion (steel and copper)

hevasure test rigHow we monitor

  • Data captured typically every 15 mins and stored in the ‘cloud’
  • Data viewable on laptops or mobile devices via sophisticated web interface
  • Automated alarm functions with e-mail and SMS messages sent direct to users
  • Long term trend identification
  • BACnet version (Aquila-s) available enabling integration with a BMS for high securityenvironments


  • Significantly reduces the risk of corrosion and system failure
  • Provides hard-data during PCC (supporting BG 29) helping smooth hand-over at PC
  • Ensures systems continue to operate in a health condition post-handover, meaning design lifetimes are achieved and operational efficiency is not degraded over time (supporting BG50)
  • Reduces need for sampling and routine site visits
  • Helps prevent over-dosing with chemicals
  • 1-year warranty

Technical data

  • Max operating temperature: 82 °C
  • Maximum System Pressure: 10 Bar
  • Suitable for use with inhibited water or glycol
  • Mains AC power required (110 V / 230 V)
  • Battery back-up version available giving 24 hours data transmission when there is loss of mains power