Water treatment

The purpose of water treatment is to ensure that closed heating and chilled water circuits maintain their operational efficiency, and to prolong the life expectancy of the system. In practice the focus will tend to be on protecting the metal components from corrosion through the detrimental effects of poor water quality.

Our comprehensive range of water treatment services includes:

  • Closed system monitoring services
  • Chemical & microbiological sampling & analysis
  • Closed system solids removal & filtration
  • Corrosion inhibitors & biocides
  • Antifreeze solutions (propylene & ethylene glycol)
  • Automatic chemical dosing equipment

Plant and equipment

We also supply, install and service an extensive range of water treatment plant and equipment, associated with both domestic and closed water systems, all undertaken by our team of fully qualified, experienced service engineers, including:

  • Chlorine dioxide systems
  • Commercial water softeners
  • Automated dosing equipment
  • Electronic tank management systems
  • Sidestream filtration systems
  • Sidestream filtration systems
  • Ultraviolet steriliser systems



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