Hevasure Condor corrosion monitoring system

hevasure condor internalThe Hevasure Condor© monitoring system identifies the onset of corrosion in heating and chilled water systems continuously & remotely. The early detection of corrosion in a range of metals alerts FM teams to adverse conditions allowing maintenance activities to be scheduled before any significant damage occurs.

Real-time monitoring is applicable throughout the life of a system in order to ensure design lifetimes are achieved and breakdowns minimized. Cloud-based data storage together with a sophisticated dashboard and reporting tool enables maintenance teams to confidently check the health of their expensive assets, anytime, anywhere. Automatic alarms (via email or SMS) provide notification when intervention is required. In large buildings, multiple Condor monitoring systems can be installed, all communicating to a single LoRa /GSM gateway.

The battery powered Condor unit is simple to install requiring only connection into the flow and return pipework. It can be fitted to new systems or retrofitted to existing ones.

What we monitor

  • Galvanic currents (converted to general corrosion rate of steel)
  • Crevice corrosion of steel and copper
  • Pitting attack on steel, copper, aluminium and stainless
  • Temperature
  • Pressure (optional extra)

How we monitor

  • Data captured typically every 15 mins and stored in the ‘cloud’
  • Data viewable on laptops or mobile devices via sophisticated web interface
  • Automated alarm functions with e-mail and SMS messages direct to users
  • Long term trend identification
  • LoRa radio frequency transmission to GSM gateway allows penetration through walls and over distances

    hevasure condor corrosion test


  • Reduces breakdowns due to corrosion
  • Provides re-assurance that systems are operating in peak condition
  • Helps ensure systems do not degrade thereby, saving energy and carbon footprint
  • Provides hard-data over lifetime of system
  • Reduces need for sampling and routine site visits

Technical data

  • Max operating temperature: 82 °C
  • Maximum System Pressure: 5 Bar
  • Suitable for use with inhibited water or glycol